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Amstutz Show Lambs is a club lamb operation consisting of approximately 100 brood ewes, located in Northwest Ohio. Our main objective is to produce structurally correct, eye appealing market lambs with muscle dimension to excel in the showring.

We have accomplished this objective through maintaining high quality bloodlines in our ewes
and rams. The ewes'genetic background has progressed from Rattler, Disco, and 18 to including Bounce and Exile.

Our ram battery is also a very strong piece of our breeding program. We have pooled together
a very diverse set of rams to meet our main objective of the operation. Learn more about these rams on our Sires page to see if their offspring could meet your needs.

We are committed to our show lamb customers in helping them reach their goals in the showring.

Brock Amstutz Family
Ryan Amstutz Family


Amstutz Show Lambs

Brock, Leah, and Bailee 15302 Harmon Patrick road - richwood, ohio 43344
brock 419.591.9303 - leah 419.966.0476 -

ryan, kathi, mikaylie, brennen 4608 road j-3 - Leipsic, oh 45856
ryan 419.235.5259 - home 419.456.3344
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